Project – the Bamboo Grove, the Region, the Village

In Umbria, the Heart of Italy.
A family of ancient origins and well-established agricultural traditions, with its small villages and fields.
Realities which deserve to be preserved and optimized, in which to rediscover the bond between the land, man and life, because today, more than ever, these values must be recovered and “cultivated”.
Precisely from the will to preserve these places and values, now as in the past, today for tomorrow, comes the idea to transform a part of the agricultural land for cultivating bamboo.
Our belief in this plantation is motivated by its “zero environmental impact”.
But bamboo is not only good for our land, air and water, it is also a valuable raw material.
Among its most important workmanship we find sectors in Umbria boasting excellent workers specialized in textiles (bamboo produces innovative vegetable fibres) and in wood working.
A project is simply a promise which the mind grants to the soul.
And the Borgo delle Palornie, an historical 14th-century mediaeval complex will be at the heart of this dream, a place for gathering fruit, to come up with ideas, receive friends and guests, and cultivate a philosophy of life.
The ‘Bambuseto’ or Bamboo Grove, the garden of your dreams.
The Borgo, in the heart of the Region, a meeting place between beauty and tradition on the one hand and innovation and sustainability on the other.
EMMASOFIA, with its collections, to tell this story, about which there is still much to be written.