1. Imperfection and uniqueness are the truest contemporary luxury and the most modern art forms.
  2. ELEGANCE, IRONY, FEMININITY, AND SUSTAINABILITY are the values we believe in.
  3. In ELEGANCE and wit of the Made in Italy.
  4. In IRONY which is the beauty of intelligence.
  5. In FEMININITY’s strength which becomes poetry in a free and capable woman.
  6. In SUSTAINABILITY, which is the only choice of the ones who, like us,believe that the future is now.
  7. A Brand ambassador of de L'Art de l'Être, of a woman who wants to BE rather than appear.
  8. “We Imagine” for a woman author of her life, who dresses her emotions and her thoughts; because she decides how to wear our creations, creating unique and personal combinations, all expressions of her intuition.
  9. For a woman who moves beyond the common boundaries, where everybody stops, because details are not for everyone.
  10. A woman responsible for her choices, and for this reason, she does not look only for the beauty and the well done, but also for the sustainable and innovative.
  11. MADE FOR WOMEN by women
We believe that beauty does not take place in perfection, but in uniqueness.
That uniqueness that makes special each of us and nature, where nothing is the same.
From this concept, it was born the idea to create timeless design objects, but when combined, are our character’s expression.

Contemporary muse, dynamic women, with a fresh and breezy charm and an à la page, bold, and personal style.

Bags and jewels: you will be the one who chooses how to combine them in a unique way or if wear them on their own, changing your everyday clothes’ soul.
A woman who chooses EMMASOFIA as a partner for her journey is curious and out of the ordinary, knows who she is, what she wants and that not always what you see is just what it seems to be.

And indeed the shoulder straps finely worked, can be unhooked and worn as precious necklaces and bracelets.

While the bijoux can be applied wherever wanted, from coats to blazers, from hats to foulards, to any material, without ruining it because they are not pins.

Every object symbolizes the Made in Italy excellence.

Made to play with your own style, that changes and evolves like us, or simply to come with us during the occasions of everyday life, or with our humor.

But apart from exploiting the character of every woman, we focus on managing our reality according to the principles of a circular economy, reducing the environmental impact and the useless waste of resources.
We chose not to use prime materials coming from animals, and to base or production in Italy.
But we do want, in the future, to integrate the manufacturing with innovative and eco-sustainable materials, to become a Life-Style Brand and offer unique objects and creations for your daily life or your special moments.

We believe it is possible to create EXCLUSIVE, SUSTAINABLE, CRUELTY-FREE and completely MADE IN ITALY products.

Or at least we believe it is worth the try.

Innovation, Design, Luxury, and Sustainability.

EMMASOFIA is more than a simple object. It’s a new concept, that keeps on refurbishing in its uniqueness, like every woman - changes and evolves - but always remains true to herself.