My name is EmmaSofia,
and I believe in instinct, which needs no explaining, but cannot be ignored.
In the “weave” of a fabric handbag and in that of our own story which we weave with our own choices.
And in the crystals and precious finish of small jewels, so that they keep their “promise” ...of giving us all some highlights!
I believe, in fact I am quite sure, that I cannot do without chocolate, a glass of red wine and a good book on my bedside table.
I also believe that boundaries are limits to be overcome.
And that when we believe firmly there is no need for any explanation, but when we do not, no explanation will suffice.
I believe in morning coffee, without which to all effects I become a “witch”.
I believe in courage which is the sixth sense of reason.
In irony which is the beauty of intelligence.
And in the elegance...and tenacity...of all you women who give everything while giving nothing away.

And I like to think that I can inspire stories, not with words, but with fabrics, stones and that fil rouge which is the imagination.